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2/24 - 2/25 Restorative Practices is a Course

2/24 - 2/25 Restorative Practices

Ended Mar 6, 2020
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Full course description

Course Description/Meeting Summary:

The objective of the Restorative Practices training is to provide the participants with a better understanding of what Restorative Practices may “look like” when implemented at a schools with fidelity. There is a continuum from proactive to reactive. This training will focus mainly on the proactive practices in order to develop a Restorative Culture in the schools.

  • In-Service Points: 12
  • Component Number: 6403004

Meeting Locations and Times:

RBELC- 3rd Floor, Conference Room 3A on February 24th, 2020, 8:30AM - 3:30PM
445 West Amelia St, Orlando, FL 32801

RBELC- 3rd Floor, Conference Room 3A on February 25th, 2020, 8:30AM - 3:30PM
445 West Amelia St, Orlando, FL 32801

Contact Information:

Cicero King (Facilitator)
407-317-3200 Ext.2002399

Full Description/Meeting Details:

Participants will learn the framework for implementing Restorative Practices at their school to build relationships (MTSS Tier-1 Circles) and guide responses to a wide range of conflicts (MTSS Tiers 2 and 3 Circles).

Please read the IMPORTANT DETAILS below!

1.    This is a 2-day course and attendance is required on both days.

2.    If you cannot stay for the duration of the 2 day training, please remove yourself from the course.

3.    There is a 15 minute policy. You cannot be more than 15 minutes late at the beginning, returning from lunch, or leaving early. 

4.    Registrants who are unable to attend a course must remove themselves from the course.

5.    Only registrants who are on the Canvas PD Catalog roster will gain entrance to the course.

6.    Registrants who do not receive confirmation of registration through Canvas PD Catalog should not attempt to attend the course.

7.    In the event that there are less than 10 participants signed up, this course will be cancelled. You will receive an email if this occurs.

Directions for dropping the course: 

·         Log into Canvas via Launchpad.

·         On the left menu, click on PD Catalog.

·         On top right corner, click on Catalog Dashboard.

·         Find the course and click the "gear" icon.

·         Click "drop course".

Current Target Audience: Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Guidance Counselors & PASS Coordinators

Date: February 24-25, 2020

Timeframe: 8:30AM -3:30PM