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4/17/20 Location Kaley School Function of Behavior/ Behavior Intervention Plan is a Course

4/17/20 Location Kaley School Function of Behavior/ Behavior Intervention Plan

Apr 17 - Apr 17, 2020
6.0 credits

Spots remaining: 14


Full course description

Course Description/Meeting Summary:

In this course participants will be able to define functional behavior assessment, review processes and steps to conduct the assessment (both indirect and direct), discuss how to develop a hypothesis and develop a Functional Behavior Assessment, as well as, be able to implement areas of intervention into the behavior intervention plan, able to discuss monitoring and evaluating the behavior intervention plan across all settings.

  • In-Service Points: 6
  • Component Number: 6403002

Meeting Locations and Times:

SEE DESCRIPTION, SEE DESCRIPTION on April 17th, 2020, 8:30AM - 3:30PM
See Description, ., FL 00000

Contact Information:

Sarah Drummond
Kimba Smith

Full Description/Meeting Details:

This course will provide participants with the information and tools necessary to develop a Functional Behavior Assessment and a Behavior Intervention Plan for ESE students whose behavior is interfering with their learning. Participants will be introduced to a collaborative problem-solving process that will help them to document student demographics, collect student data and assess the function of the student’s behavior. They will also learn how to develop hypotheses to help guide them in the development of a Competing Behavior Pathway.  As well as learn the specific components of a behavior intervention plan and how to develop effective strategies based on functions. Lastly, will also learn how to evaluate the behavior intervention plan to determine if a change is necessary. This training will be located at Kaley School. 

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