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School Health Services is a Course

School Health Services

Started Apr 27, 2020


Full course description

1.       Clinic Procedures – An overview of OCPS clinic procedures, and proper documentation on the required clinic forms.

2.       Field Trip – Policy and procedure for administering medication to students during OCPS field trips.

3.       Medication Administration – OCPS policy and procedure for administering medication to students during school hours, and proper documentation of medication administration.

4.       Anaphylaxis – Understanding Anaphylaxis –  signs and symptoms indicating an anaphylactic reaction, types of treatment, and the administration of emergency epinephrine.

5.       Asthma- Understanding Asthma- signs and symptoms of an Asthma flare/attack, treatment of asthma to include, Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)and Nebulizer.

6.       Diabetes – Overview of management of Diabetes in the school setting. Signs and symptoms of Diabetes, and supplies needed. Following the students DMMP for treatment and/or intervention needed. Administration of insulin, and administering emergency Glucagon.

7.       Seizures –Understanding the different types of seizures- Signs and symptoms of seizure activity, rendering emergency first aid during a seizure, and the administration of emergency seizure medication.

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