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Classroom Management

Ended Sep 1, 2021
6 points

Full course description

In this course, you will learn how an effective classroom management system can pave the way to engaging students in learning. Classroom management creates a set of expectations used in an organized classroom environment which include rules, routines, and consequences. Throughout the course, the participants will expand their knowledge on concepts such as; rules & procedures, disciplinary interventions, student and teacher relationships, principles and tips of classroom management, token economies, group contingencies, setting limits, surface management, and maintenance. In each module, you will review key content information and complete an activity to show mastery of the content.

After the completion of the course, the participants will incorporate the techniques and tools to build a strong cohesive classroom management system in their classrooms. You will also receive a certificate as well as 6 in service points. Please turn in your blue form to the individual at your school that processes these forms.