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06/25/18 Support Facilitation Institute for Teacher Teams is a Course

06/25/18 Support Facilitation Institute for Teacher Teams

Ended Jul 13, 2018
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Full course description

If you have participated in this course for compensation in the past [2017 Summer Institute for Teacher Partners: Support Facilitation], you are NOT ELIGIBLE to take it again this summer. 

Course Session begins on June 25, 2018 and ends on July 13, 2018.

Teacher Partners [ESE Teacher AND General Education teaching partner] MUST sign up separately within Canvas.

The purpose of this course is to provide a framework for building the collaborative relationship and expertise of Support Facilitation Teachers and their partner General Education teacher(s), in their collaborative role of assisting students in successfully meeting the expectations of access, involvement with and progress in standards-based learning. This course uses the Support Facilitation Matrix as a professional development framework for building teacher expertise in the implementation of the Support Facilitation service delivery model for serving students with disabilities. Optimally, participation in this course will include the participation and collaboration of the support facilitation teacher and their general education partner(s), and be the first step toward increased effectiveness in supporting students with disabilities in inclusive settings. A special emphasis is placed upon (1) the development of collaborative partnerships, and (2) the incorporation of the principles of Universal Design for Learning in instructional planning and delivery, as a foundation for providing effective individualized support for all students, including students with IEPs, 504 Plans and students who may need support in the general education classroom due to the gap between their current ability and the demands of the learning environment.