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Helping Students Process Content - Deliberate Practice Target Element

Ended May 31, 2019

Full course description

This Deliberate Practice Canvas resource focuses on the elements that most closely align to Close Reading, our District PLC’s focus. These elements are:
  • Helping Students Process Content
  • Helping Students Elaborate on Content
  • Helping Students Examine Similarities and Differences
  • Helping Students Examine Their Reasoning
  • Organizing Students to Practice and Deepen Knowledge
The purpose of the Deliberate Practice resources are to increase understanding of the techniques and evidences associated with the targeted elements, provide resources to assist with planning for the use of the elements, and make connections to the implementation of these instructional strategies while close reading a complex text. There are no submission requirements for this Canvas resource course. Your participation is voluntary and there are no required submissions or due dates. This course is housing resources to support you with your Deliberate Practice.

This course will support you with your selected element - Helping Students Process Content. Because your Deliberate Practice selection closely aligns with the DPLC focus, you have been automatically enrolled in this course. This course is intended as a collaboration designed to increase your knowledge of your target element and to support with providing evidence for your work toward mastery of your selected Deliberate Practice element - Helping Students Process Content. Please click on "Lessons" to access the course resources.