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2020-2021 Helping Students Examine Similarities and Differences - Deliberate Practice Target Element

Ended Jun 30, 2021

Full course description

Deliberate Practice supports for instructional personnel are available through online Canvas resource courses. The Deliberate Practice Canvas resources focus on the instructional strategies that yield the highest academic success for students. Resources include targeted Deliberate Practice Canvas courses, a Deliberate Practice Overview Video, and Deliberate Practice How-to Guides. Unique Canvas courses are developed for each instructional strategy identified as a district focus. Each resource course has been designed to support the OCPS 2025 Strategic Plan Focus on student social and emotional wellbeing by leveraging social and emotional learning competencies. The purpose of these Deliberate Practice courses are to support teachers with their selected element by increasing their understanding of techniques associated with the focus elements. Once Deliberate Practice Plans are approved by administrators, teachers will be automatically enrolled if they have selected one of these four elements for Deliberate Practice. The Canvas courses are currently available for self-enrollment for teachers and administrators through the Canvas course catalog. Resources will continue to be added to the courses throughout the school year, to coincide with district-wide social and emotional learning professional development. Teachers are encouraged to check the courses often to access newly added resources and materials.