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4/22/20 Location FDLRS Crisis Prevention Intervention ASD Refresher Course is a Course

4/22/20 Location FDLRS Crisis Prevention Intervention ASD Refresher Course

Apr 22 - Apr 22, 2020
6.0 credits

Spots remaining: 2


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Course Description/Meeting Summary:

Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) focuses on verbal de-escalation techniques and many other strategies to prevent violent or disruptive behavior in the classroom and allows the teacher to emphasize learning. This one-day, 6-hour, course is designed to "refresh" your CPI skills.

  • In-Service Points: 6
  • Component Number: 6403002

Meeting Locations and Times:

SEE DESCRIPTION, SEE DESCRIPTION on April 22nd, 2020, 8:30AM - 3:30PM
See Description, ., FL 00000

Contact Information:

Sarah Poor-Drewes
Kimba Smith

Full Description/Meeting Details:



PREREQUISITE:  CURRENT APPROVAL TO USE CPI TECHNIQUES (BLUE CARD) REQUIRED.  Autism Spectrum Disorders: Supportive Strategies for Crisis Prevention is a refresher option that meets the requirement of a regular CPI refresher course. Within the framework of this refresher, ASD is the focus. The program provides trains your staff in the language of behavior. How to recognize it as a form of communication. How to prevent it from escalating at the earliest possible stage. How to appropriately respond when it threatens employee safety or quality of care or service. How to get in front of it and stay in front of it to minimize the likelihood of reoccurring issues. Successful completion of a written examination and demonstration of physical intervention skills are required in order to obtain a 1-year extension of your approval to use the techniques taught in the course.  This refresher must be taken before the approval to use the techniques (blue card) has expired.  You must be able to verify your "current status" in order to take this class.  The district-wide CPI database will be checked to verify expiration dates.  Please bring your current blue card to the training.  If you are unable to locate your blue card, call or email the contact person for this training.  At least a 24-Hour cancellation is required if for some reason you are unable to attend the course.  Please cancel your registration on Canvas so that the participant slot is available for others. This training will be held at FDLRS

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