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SAP Grants Super Users SAP Grants Super Users Series is a Program

SAP Grants Super Users Series



Full program description

You must click Begin Course for each course in this series to complete enrollment.

There is no test. You can take the courses in any order and stop at any time.

The courses show you how to run finance reports that are available to school and district based personnel. You must have the correct role for your work location in SAP.

Instructions for each of the transaction codes (T-Codes) in this series are also available individually at the following links provided for your convenience.

Customer Line Item Display FBL5N Use this procedure to view the total outstanding invoices by customer number

Calculation GM Indirect Cost GMIDCPOST Use this procedure to Run the Grants Indirect Cost Posting.

Change Billing Document Invoice VF02 Use this procedure to create a printable invoice document from grants billing.

Display Billing Document Invoice VF03 Use this procedure to display a billing document from grants billing.

Budgeting Workbench FMBB Use this procedure to post pre-posted budget transfer documents.

Commitment Actual Totals Records ZF548 Use this procedure to see cumulative grant expenses including multiple calendar or fiscal years by specific grants or a range of grants.

Grant Budget Transfer Utility ZF549 Use this procedure to complete Grant Budget Transfers.

Grants Budget Lists ZF550 Use this procedure to display Grants Budget transfer entries.

Grant Billing Single Processing GM_RRB_IND Use this procedure to create the receivable against the Grant Sponsor or Customer number

Mass Change Grant Status ZGM_MASS_STATUS_UPD Use this procedure to change grant status for single or multiple grants. Includes instructions to use file upload for a list of grants.

Detailed, printable documentation related to other SAP T-Codes including simulations (videos) are also available and requires no log in.