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SAP Budget Related SAP Budget Related Series is a Program

SAP Budget Related Series



Full program description

You must click Begin Course for each course in this series to complete enrollments.

There is no test. You can take the courses in any order and stop at any time.

The courses show you how to run finance reports that are available to school and district based personnel. You must have the Budget role for your work location in SAP to run any of these reports.

Instructions for each of the transaction codes (T-Codes) in this series are also available individually at the following links provided for your convenience.

Display Fund FM5S Use this procedure when: There is no fund name on a report. Need to know a fund number. How a fund type can be spent. 

Display Funds Center FMSC Use this procedure to find the name of a funds center or a funds center number.

Outstanding Purchase Orders ZF008 Use this procedure to see the status of Outstanding Purchase Orders (PO) and which Purchase Orders have no Goods Receipt.

Budget Status Summary Report ZF404 Use this procedure to see how much you spent and how much is left in specific accounts.

Account Assignment Crosswalk ZF539 Use this procedure to look up current Cost Center and what translation is to the new system.

Budget Transfer Utility ZF543 Use this procedure to transfer funds between different General Ledgers (GLs) within a budget.

Staffing Position Report ZH028 Use this procedure to see what positions are currently staffed at your school, and who is in these positions.

Detailed, printable documentation related to other SAP T-Codes including simulations (videos) are also available and requires no log in.