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2020-2021 Safety First, Safety Always is a Course

2020-2021 Safety First, Safety Always

Ended Jul 1, 2021

Full course description

2020-2021 Safety First, Safety Always training video will focus on workplace safety for Orange County Public Schools. This training is provided by Safety and Emergency Management. The purpose of the training is to tie the training objectives to our training program with actual results. Establishing clear, realistic, and measurable training objectives at the onset of the training process will play a big part in ensuring the success of this training. Our objectives are to:
▪ Increase awareness to Principals, Assistant Principals, and department heads of on-going workplace safety concerns.
▪ Identify common workplace hazards
▪ Understand how to reduce risks
You will be presented with information about safety concerns from several departments across the district such as: Office of the Fire Marshal, Custodial Services, Environmental Compliance, Facilities Maintenance, Food and Nutrition Services, Risk Management/Special Events and Workers’ Compensation.
This training is to help schools foster a safe learning and working environment.